Project will identify carbon hot spots

A new project is set to identify “hot spots” on farm to improve business efficiency in a bid to reduce carbon footprints.

Run by DairyCo the three year project will determine a crucial benchmark through the measurement of carbon footprints on Great Britain’s dairy farms.

And this project just demonstrates to the public the effort being put in by the industry to reduce or carbon footprint, says DairyCo research manager Karen Wonnacott. “This project shows both consumers and the government that we are a responsible industry and that we are actively addressing the environmental challenges we face.”

“The international reporting of greenhouse gas emissions is too simplistic to give an accurate measure of Great Britain’s emissions from dairying. This projects aims to obtain a national annual average figure for GHG emissions that will be a realistic indication of emissions from our dairy farms.”

The research will also provide a benchmark for all dairy farms to compare themselves to, and it will allow the industry to monitor progress in achieving the targets laid out in the Milk Roadmap.