David Miliband calls for a shared 2020 vision of farming

DEFRA secretary, David Miliband, called for a shared vision of farming this month where a profitable and competitive industry takes on the challenges of climate change and positively contributes to the environment. 

He outlined his 2020 vision of farming at the Oxford Farming Conference held on Wednesday (3 January). 

The success of this vision relies upon “shared responsibility” between government, industry, retailers and consumers, Mr Miliband added.  

“Farming in England is in transition.  Over the next two decades, its entire operating environment will change,” said Mr Miliband. 

“Our role is to deliver a policy framework that encourages innovation and investment to build market share and justify public spending.  I want all of government to see that support for farming is vital – to understand the impact its policies have on farming, and the knock-on effects these have on landscapes, on tourism and on the rest of the rural economy.

“My vision of farming in 2020 is positive, driven by economic, social and environmental goals.  I am determined government will play its part, and I am determined to work with you to make it happen.  We can create opportunities.  But it is up to you to grasp and shape them.”

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