Decision not to cull best for badgers and cattle – RSPCA

A decision not to embark on a badger cull is the right way forward for badgers and for cattle, the RSPCA has said.

If, as expected, the DEFRA secretary announces on Monday 7 July that there will be no badger cull, it will be the right way forward based on compelling evidence, Rob Atkinson, RSPCA head of wildlife science told Farmers Weekly.

“Particularly because the most authoritative scientific research ever undertaken on the subject recommended against badger culling as an effective way of controlling TB,” Mr Atkinson added.

“Evidence indicates that the vast majority of badgers are not infected with TB.

“Our opposition to a badger cull is based on solid science not sentiment.

“The RSPCA cares as much about cattle welfare as badgers. We are keen to work with farmers and governments to find positive solutions to the challenge of TB in cattle,” he said.