DEFRA calls on poultry industry to ensure eggs are correctly labelled

DEFRA urged the UK poultry industry and retailers to ensure the eggs they are selling are correctly labelled as free range, barn and non-free range or face prosecution. 

In a press statement, DEFRA confirmed that in the course of its investigations “information has come to light confirming that eggs have been incorrectly labelled.”

The call from DEFRA today (15 November) follows the recent arrest of three people in Bromsgrove over alleged breaches of egg marketing rules.  

The two men and one woman, all in their forties, were arrested on 18 October on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud.  DEFRA officials worked alongside West Mercia police to execute search warrants at a factory in Bromsgrove, which packages and supplies wholesale eggs for the British market, and at two residential properties in Bromsgrove.

DEFRA’s on-going investigations and inspections are looking into 1% of the 9 billion eggs produced in the UK annually.