Devon County pig championship to Saddleback

Interbreed championship honours in the pig lines here at Devon County have gone to the Saddleback champion, Julian Newth’s September 2008-born boar Prestcombe Golden Arrow 6, a Lowpark Golden Arrow son. Devon Show 2011 PIG Champ 19.jpg

Taking the reserve overall title was the Large Black champion, Martin Snell’s September 2008-born Sock Doreen 181, a Helwell Grange Malcolm daughter.

There was a last minute change of judge here this morning, with John Millard unable to attend and Arthur Uglow, stepping in to take his place at just one hour’s notice.

Full pig results

British Sadddleback J Newth’s boar Prestcombe Golden Arrow 6; res, W Edwards and A Thomas’ sow Pantysgawen Dinah 9

Gloucestershire Old Spot J Newth’s sow Shepton Muriel 7; res, J Newth’s boar Shepton Gerald 2

Large Black P G Snell and Sons sow Sock Doreen 181; res, P Clark’s Poppins Warbler 264

Berkshire I A D Todd’s sow Smallicombe Stonebow 45; res I A D Todd’s boar Smallicombe Peter Lad

Middle White M Dunstan’s boar Nancenoy Captain 2; res, M Dunstan’s gilt Nancejoy Fair Lady 8

Oxford Sandy and Black D R Norman’s boar Ansty Alexander 3; res, M F Case’s sow Longash Lady 22

AOB W Sully’s Kune Kune sow Quantock Sally 8; res, S Rankin’s Kune Kune boar Longash Andrew 917