Devon farmer loses fight to save calf from TB slaughter

A Devon farmer who had refused to allow DEFRA to cull her pedigree Dexter bull calf as a TB reactor has had to back down following a second positive test.

Sheilagh Kremers, of Newton Abbot, controversially won the right to re-test her calf after claiming that the original test was carried out incorrectly.

Unfortunately, the calf today (Thursday, 9 March) tested positive for bovine TB a second time, and will now be slaughtered.

Mrs Kremers said that seven-month old Mous’l Fern was irreplaceable. “He’s bred from a champion bull and he was going to be my stud bull for next year.

“I now don’t know what the future brings.”

Although the remainder of Mrs Kremers’ cattle will soon be due for a routine TB test, she is as yet undecided whether to allow DEFRA vets access to her farm.

“We as farmers must not allow the government to continue to slaughter healthy cattle without an eradication policy for TB – and that includes the wildlife. It can’t be allowed to go on.”