Devon Show 2012: Beef breed championship results

Taking Stock are ringside at the Devon Show today and will bring you the interbreed results as they happen. Before things kick off, here are the beef breed championship results from yesterday:

Aberdeen Angus

E A and M C Jones and D and K Russell’s bull Rull Mr Mac; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ bull Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel’s Endeavour.


Any other pure bred beef

Otter and Co’s Murray Grey, Ashrose Rita 15th; res, Mr and Mrs G Woollatt’s Longhorn, Gupworthy Jasper.


Beef shorthorn

T C and A J Ruby’s Cairnsmore Dominator; res, T C and A J Ruby’s Ashwater Mignonette.


British Blonde

Miss J Harvey’s heifer Bovey Foxy; res, Ms P M Williams and Mr P J Holman’s heifer Cosdon Franchette.


British Blue

J N and L P Dunn’s bull Drift Domino; res, Newpole British Blues’ Newpole Felicity.



Mr and Mrs A White’s bull Balbithan Eria; res, Miss M and Mr R Hanson’s female Gretwood Ermintrude ET



Mr N and Mrs L Hill’s heifer Quaish Evie; res, Mr P Greed’s bull Kaprico Donato



Boddington Estates’ heifer Sterling Krumpet’s Britney ET; res, Boddington Estates’ bull Sterling Caithness 11



A and J Cottey’s cow Garradon Fuschia; res, Mr M and Mrs D Cowell’s bull Barton Devon Air 2nd.



Mr B T Stamp’s bull Shilford Envoy; res, Mr T P Stevenson’s heifer Beechwood Grace.



L R and A M Ayre’s bull Dorepoll 1499 High Society; res, R A and V A Mitchell’s bull Lanscombe 1 Norris.


South Devon

R R B and S J Harvey’s bull Sexton Marius 1; res, Mr R K Rundle’s heifer Kestle Dahlia 60.