Dispersal sale of Aberdeen Angus tops at £2,900

Top price at the dispersal sale of the MYMMS herd of Pedigree Aberdeen Angus, on behalf od Grangeheath Ltd, Matlock, was £2,900 for a 2007-born cow MYMMS Esterillias GO53. She was sold with her two-month-old heifer calf, by The Moss Quizmaster, at foot.

There were other cow and calf outfits at £2,250 and £2,000.

The bulling heifers sold exceptionally well with £1,680 twice and £1,620 on three occasions.

The stock bull The Moss Quizmaster born May 2009 made £2,700.



20 cow and calf outfits average £1,674

12 bulling heifers average £1,400

9 Yearling heifers average £820

Yearling steers average £920