Early Charolais judging results from Stirling

Judging in the Charolais classes is underway with Gilbert Crawford proving a thorough judge for the day.

In the third class the top place went to Blelack Deveron, a Coolnaslee Adversary son out of Blelack Treacle, second was Blelack Damon, a Cargriff Victorious son out of Blelack Raspberry and thrid was Elgin Diplomat.

Fourth class honours were taken by Chunal Dougie, a Corrie Alan son out of Chunal Roxy, second here was Falleninch Dictator, a Gower Armani son out of Balbithan Savannah and third was Killadeas Duncan.

In the fifth class the win went to Blelack Diligent, a Thrunton Socrates son out of Blelack Sadie, second was Elgin Darthvader, a Gower Versace son out of Elgin Vixen and third was Elgin Dalmally.