East of England sheep and pig results

Here are the full sheep and pig results from the East of England Show



Interbreed P Kettle’s Hampshire Down shearling ram; res, B Cooper’s Southdown shearling ram.

Charollais H A Ashley’s shearling ewe; res, J Bury’s shearling ram.

Hampshire Down P Kettle’s shearling ram.

Jacob J C Dixon’s ram; res, R Beecher’s shearling ram.

Kerry Hill S A Hill’s shearling ram; res, S A Hill’s shearling ewe.

AOB Longwool HMP North Sea Camp’s ram; res, F M Baldacchino’s shearling ewe.

Shropshire M E Webb’s ewe lamb; res, L Newman’s ewe.

Suffolk R J Woolway’s shearling ewe; res, T Blunt’s ram lamb.

Texel R Kellet’s shearling ram; res, H S Ashley’s shearling ewe.

White Faced Woodland C Steel’s shearling ewe; res, C Steel’s shearling ram.

AOB Continental G and N Pamplin’s Beltex shearling ram; res, G and N Pamplin‘s shearling ewe.

AOB Down B Cooper’s Southdown shearling ram; res, H Middleditch’s Oxford Down ewe lamb.

AOB Native J Whybrow’s Balwen ram; res, L Rollason’s Norfolk Horn ewe.



Interbreed P E Churchyard’s Large Black boar Breckles Majestic 20; res, M J Kiddy and Son’s Large White sow Withersfield Blackberry 151.

British Lop B Upchurch’s gilt Greenway Harmony 125; res, M and E Edgar’s gilt Bakers Actress 7.

Welsh  Brooksby Melton College‘s boar Brooksby Earl 188; res, Brooksby Melton College‘s gilt Brooksby Empress 17.

AOB White Pig M J Kiddy and Son’s Large White sow Withersfield Blackberry 151; res, M J Kiddy and Son’s Large White boar Withersfield Alpine 15.

Gloucestershire Old Spots C Knights’ sow Alsa Princess 688; res, C Knights’ gilt Alsa Princess 901.

Large Black  P E Churchyard’s boar Breckles Majestic 20; res, B Upchurch’s sow Crane Maid 321.

British Saddleback J R and M L Wreakes’ sow Victoria Lottie 168; res, A Burwell’s gilt Stokedoyle Babble 152.

AOB Coloured S Ashcroft’s Berkshire gilt Barlings Stonebow 122; res, M J Kiddy and Son’s Tamworth gilt Balsham Melody 4.