Egg industry branded as saviour of world

The global egg industry needs to give itself a “marketing wake-up call”, according to the chief executive of a Netherlands’ branding agency.

Speaking at last month’s International Egg Commission (IEC) conference in London, Rene Boender, CEO of Great Opportunities, told the sector that it needed to unlock itself to gain a new momentum.

He believes that branding is a way of life to get a premium for products.  “We do not understand what consumers are thinking. We should be more involved with consumers.  Communication can be the difference between a contact and a contract,” said Mr Boender.  

The international sector had to start having fun with branding and advertising eggs, he advised.  “Consumers love stories to escape from their lives.  People buy what they want, not what they need.  We should add colour codes to our eggs because then we can tell a story.  We are all storytellers,” he added.   

With developing countries contributing 68% to global egg production, Willi Kallhammer, IEC chairman, suggested that the egg industry could sell a story to consumers about egg producers creating a better world by providing poor countries with an affordable food – the egg.  “The industry could present itself globally as the saviour of the world,” he said.