Electric trade at Cutcombe Sale

The Cutcombe Sale of prime and store lambs, and cull ewes and rams, organised by Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions saw an electric trade with demand outstripping supply.
The auctioneers said: “A smaller than usual entry of second quality stock sold to a trade second to none with sale well exceeding expectations, and leading to a 100% clearance with demand that would have ensured three times the number sell to the same trade.”
Averages and top prices
Fat lambs sold to an average of 171.44p/kg with a top price of 174p/kg (£66 a head) for a pair of light lambs from Mr M Rawle, Kitridge Farm.  
Medium lambs (39) sold to an average of 183.76p/kg and peaked at 189p/kg (£85.20 a head) for stock from Miss P Marke, Middleton Court. Meanwhile, heavy lambs averaged 171p/kg and a top price of £89 for stock from Mr EJW Land, Brendon Hill Farm.
Over 52kg lambs (39) averaged at 159p/kg and achieved a top price of 162p/kg (£87.20 a head) for a pen of nine 53kg animals from Messrs Cook Partners, who also achieved top prices of 159p/kg and 158p/kg for pens of 55kg lambs.
Store lambs (57) sold to an average of £67.13 and a a high of £74.20 a head for lambs for Mr E Schofield, North Hawkwell. Other leading prices included lambs from Mr M Rawle at £72 a head, and some from Mr C Binnie hitting £65.50 a head.
There was a fast trade for cull ewes, with the auctioneers remarking that “some very poor ewes made exceptional prices”.  They sold to an average of £67.80 with the top price of £99.50 going to a group of 13 from Messrs Wright & Wright.  The Wrights also achieved £89 for a pen of nine ewes.
Other leading cull prices included a pen of eight ewes from Messrs FE Rawle & Son which hit £94 a head, and a pen of five ewes from Messrs I Palmer.