Elliot Angus draft selling away at 14,000gns

John Elliot’s draft from his Elliot herd has been drawing the bids thick and fast third cow offered, Lockerley Primrose selling for the day’s top call, a massive 14,000gns to Gordon Brooke, Yorkshire. She’s by Idvies Jester Eric and out of Lockerley Primrose.

Shortly before that the second cow offered, Elliot Rosebud, a Riverbend Powerline, daughter out of Willabar Rosebud, selling for 9000gns also to Gordon Brooke. It seems Mr Brooke can’t resist anything from Roxburgh Mains or any connection to the Elliot family at the moment after his spending spree at the Best of the Blacks sale last year!.

At 4000gns was Muirhall Ellen Erica, a TC Freedom daughter out of Cudlobe Ellen Erica, a Cudlobe Chester daughter.

And then at 5500gns was Elliot Tilly, a Rawburn Lord Ross daughter out of Elliot Tilda, a Young Dale Real Deal daughter. She also sold to Mr Brooke.

The money was being thrown about wildly again shortly after that when Elliot Primrose sold for 11,000gns. She is a Lord Ross daughter out of Lockerley Primrose and I’ll leave you to guess the buyer – yep it was Mr Brooke again!

Making 10,000gns and once again heading to Yorkshire with Mr Brooke was Elliot Rowanna. This is a Lord Ross daughter out of Elliot Rosebus, a Riverbend Powerline daughter.