End of a long Beltex day in Carlisle

Well that’s the end of a long day here at Carlisle, with the last tup lamb sold just a matter of minutes ago.

A few of the later tup lamb highlights included a 1200gns sale for Ardstewart Party Politics, an Ardstewart Lord Almighty son from the McCrabbes. After that at 1600gns was the best from the Brickrow run, Brickrow Palma Nova, a Brickrow Jaguar son, he had stood second in the tup lamb class today.

And finishing up the day was the second last lamb in the ring, Beechknowe Perfection from Messrs Montgomerie. This Brickrow Nude son made 1800gns.

So, overall a strong day’s selling, I believe the female average is bordering on £600, there’s no word on the tup lamb average yet. Photos to follow, it may not be until the weekend that I get those to you though.