English Winter Fair: Beef Results

We are just waiting on the beef championship, but in the meantime here’s a lowdown of the results in the beef ring from yesterday.


Zintec Agri’s steer Clinwill Geronimo; Res, T Livesey’s steer Normanton 1 Grandstand.


South Devon

AEJ and FJ Claridge’s heifer Knowlhill Margret; res, N and E Bunkum’s steer Thorncott Butch Cassidy.



Brailes Livestock’s heifer Roundshill Funny; Res, Armstrong and Partner’s heifer Dunesk Fair Lady.


Blonde d’Aquitaine

A Bailey’s heifer Baileys First Born; res, Moores Livestock’s steer Fougere


Limousin steer

T C Edwards and Sons’ steer Dolcorllwyn Figaro; res, G R Fountaine’s steer Bosworth Frank


Limousin heifer – class 20

F Page’s Dinmore Fenella; res, A D Bishop’s Fflur-ffidora


Limousin heifer-class 22

A D Bishop’s Bishops Feather; res, K W Ludgate’s Tweeddale Fidela


Any other Native Pedigree Pure Breed

Mr and Mrs M Alford’s heifer Superstar 371250; res, M Kirby’s heifer Oakchurch Duchess Duffy K002


Non Pedigree Cattle


Class 28-31 Crossbred steer or heifer sired by a Charolais

P and S Sellers’ heifer Shadow; res, Williams and Tippets’ heifer Tother Half


Class 36-37 crossbred steer sired by a Blonde d’Aquitanine

F H Fairburn’s The Machine; res, L Todd’s Hot 4 Blonde


Class 38-39 Crossbred heifer sired by a Blonde d’Aquitaine

A D Bishop’s Davon Run; Res, T C Edwards and Sons’ Cracker


Class 40 43

J M and S M Rowlands’ British Blue x heifer Baz; res, D Hall’s Limousin x heifer Penny Lane


Class 44-45

B E Williams’ British Blue x steer Black Bob; Res, Brailes Livestock’s British Blue x steer Sir Adrian


Class 46-47

AA and E Critchley and Son’s AngusxBritish Blue heifer Miss Lee; Res, A E J and F J Claridge’s Limousin x heifer Knowlhill Gaga


Class 48 Crossbred steer, homebred and fed

R L Bellis’ Betws Jordie; Res, F Page’s Budgie Smuggler.


Class 49 Crossbred heifer, homebred and fed

D E and S J  Cheacker’s Myrtle; res, T J Commercials’ Woody’s Girl


Crossbred steer sired by British Blue


Class 50-52 P and S Sellers’ Smooth Operator; Res, T C Edwards and Sons’ Gambler


Class 51

A Dickinson and L Powdrill’s British Blue x steer Mr Humbug; res, JEL and C S Morgan’s steer Black Magic


Class 52

S Madeley’s Coco; res, Mellin J and Cropper C’s Black Jack


Class 53-55

T W H Farming’s Dimple; res, T W H Farming’s Chivas Regal.


Class 54

T W H Farming’s Highland Queens; Res, Williams and Tippetts’ Pricey


Class 55

A J and L m Geary’s Abbie; Res, B E Williams’ Party Girl


Crossbred Steer sired by a Limousin


Class 56-61

Lawson and Wilkinson’s Buster; res, J L White’s Mr H


Class 57

B E Willians’ Dynamite; res, Mr and Mrs M Alford’s I’m Your Man


Class 58

D E and S J Cheacker’s Duke; Res, B E Williams’ Sir Lancelot


Class 59

B Hughes’ Ms Smarty Pants; res, M Morris’ The Game


Crossbred heifer sired by a Limousin


Class 62-64

Mr and Mrs M Alford’s Real Thing; Res, P and S Sellers’ Wishful Thinking


Class 63

A D Bishop’s Black Beauty; Res, Mr and Mrs M Alford’s TakeThat


Class 64

P and S Sellers’ Miss Scarlet; Res, A Dickinson and L Powdrill’s Shakira


Class 65

C R Donaldson’s Ruby; Res, N and E Bunkum’s Bonnie Wee Lassie


Class 65A

Sedgewick and Slack’s Juat 4 Play; res, T W H Farming’s Knockando


Baby Beef


Class 66-68

D and C Edwards’ Dyffryn Rambo British Blue steer; Res, Lawson and Wilkinsons’ Limousin x steer Billy


Class 67

N E Slack’s Limousin x steer Halfie; res, Williams and Tippetts’ British Blue x Limousin steer Top Gear


Class 68

Mr and Mrs Alford’s Limousin x steer Pokermon; res, J L and D A Davies’ British Blue steer Black Star


Class 69-71- Baby beef heifer, any breed up to 400kgs, born after 01.01.11

N Beardsley’s heifer Woodlands Gem; Res, Sedgewick and Slack’s Charolais x heifer Pink Chick


Baby Beef Champion

Mr and Mrs Alford’s Limousin x steer Pokermon; res, Lawson and Wilkinson’s Limousin x heifer Lulu