Enzyme boosts milk production

Increasing milk production by up to three litres a day is possible using a new enzyme combination, research has shown.

Working with the University of Edinburgh, Micron Bio-Systems found that their new Advance range of forage additives containing an enzyme combination that separates the energy containing cellulose from the lignin, could increase milk production by three litres a day and could also cut feeds costs.

The increase in microbial activity also fixes nitrogen containing compounds into a highly digestible microbial protein essential for milk production, says Micron technical director, Stephen Mann. “With the advent of in vitro technology, it has proved possible to calculate not only which enzymes to use but how much of each for each forage types.

“Our analyses have shown statistically significant increases in energy, protein, VFA profile and digestibility. Through feeding trials using enzyme treated and untreated silages, a verified increase in milk production has been demonstrated for the first time with enzyme treated forages,” says Dr Mann.