European Schmallenberg cases break 2,000-mark

The Schmallenberg virus has spread to 158 farms in the UK, taking the total number of livestock units affected across Europe to more than 2,000.

The latest figures, released by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, show an increase of 13 UK farms over the weekend of 9-12 March.

All 13 of the farms were in counties which had previously recorded incidents of the virus. Of the total, the virus has been found on 11 cattle farms and 147 sheep farms.

In Europe, Germany still accounts for the majority of cases, with the virus identified on 923 farms. But France has recorded the biggest rise in cases. The number of French sheep farms where the virus had been identified rose from 411 to 634 last week.

  Cattle  Sheep   Goats Total  
 UK  11  147  0  158
 Germany  108  775  40  923
 France  26  634  10  670
 Belgium  60  151  2  213
 Netherlands  56  111  5  162
 Europe  261  1,808  57  2,126

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