Extra Royal Show results

After the frantic rush of the dairy interbreed judging yesterday afternoon I’ve now had chance to catch up with a few more of the sheep and beef results, so here’s what I have to date.

Champion in the Rouge sheep was Percy Tait with a shearling ewe, while reserve was David Jane shearling ram. Taking the Cotswold championship was Derek Cross with his two shear ewe, with S J Parkes aged tup reserve.

Devon and Cornwall Longwool champion was J A Darke with an aged ram with the same exhibitor reserve with a shearling ewe. And in the Dorset Horn and Poll Dorsets the championship went to B A Wernham with a shearling ewe, while reserve was the same exhibitor with an aged tup.

Simon Johns reigned victorious in the Leiceester Longwools, taking the top ticket with a shearling ram and the reserve title with a shearling ewe. In the Lincoln Longwools the champion was M D and J Coney with a shearling ewe, reserve was the same exhibitor with a two shear ram.

In the Ryeland classes the champion was John Morgan with a shearling ewe and he took reserve with a shearling ram. Shetland champion was Christine Ringrose with an old ram and reserve was Sue Thwaites with a shearling ewe. Wensleydale champion, meanwhile was Susan Holditch with a shearling ewe and reserve was G J Stevenson and Lynn Clouder with a shearling ewe.

Taking the Zwartbles champion was Charles Scott with an aged ewe and reserve place went to Clay Farm Partnership with a ram lamb.

AOB purebreed champion in the MV side was Andrew Bishop with a Blue Texel shearling ram and reserve was A Andrews with a Blue Texel shearling ewe.

In the beef section the Belted Galloway champion was Jane Smith with her bull Southfield Double O Seven, a Boreland James Bond son, reserve was Martyn Arbib with a cow, Huntfield Inga, a Lullenden Adam daughter.

British Blonde champion was Charlotte Boden with Hackleton Aimee, a Whistley Dollar daughter, reserve was R E Kinnish with Kinaston Carlos, a Kinaston Carlos son.