Farewell and thanks from Clyde Jones

As predicted our swallows produced a third clutch of fledglings. The male waited patiently for the eggs to hatch a bird of true love.

We have grown super amounts of grass, over the Indian summer, sometimes more than 100kg dm ha average. My lawn also has high covers but that’s more to do with the rugby than lack of use. We carried on grazing some high covers which the cows dealt with well and due to favourable weather conditions maintained body scores.

We have brought average covers down from 2,800kg dm ha to just below 2,500 and we need to introduce some maize silage and brewers grains to extend the final autumn rotation to about 45 days. Any thin and lame cows will be dried off early.

We have grazed out paddocks nearest to the farm so these can be grazed first by the fresh calvers in February. We analysed this grass at 21% protein, ME of 12.5 MJ/kg and NDF 37.5, which equals a perfect cow feed.

We have made big improvements here at Bisterne, Having wrapped up the stray voltage the somatic cell count has dropped to 85 and we now have fantastic cow flow with rotation speed at 5.5 mins – milking is now not the chore it used to be.

On the subject of final rotations, this is my last FW contribution. Thanks for all the kind words and interest from people in and outside the industry. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Farmer focus: Clyde Jones

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