Farm Excellence network grows to 46 holdings

Almost 50 farms now hold the title of AHDB Monitor or Strategic Farm, the AHDB announced at the Oxford Farming Conference yesterday (3 January).

The levy board launched the AHDB Inspiring Farm Excellence – 2018 Directory, which gives short and more in-depth profiles of all 46 farms.

Jane King, AHDB chief executive, said more farms are set to join in 2018, including monitor farms in Northern Ireland and Wales.

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Mrs King said: “Last year, we made it clear that a priority for the AHDB would be to speed up innovation and productivity growth on farm to help farmers prepare for Brexit and beyond.

“We’ve been busy co-ordinating our knowledge exchange work and building on the success of our Monitor and Strategic Farms. Now we have an impressive network of businesses all looking to adapt and improve through the power of farmer-to-farmer learning. 

“This new publication showcases the breadth and depth of farmer-led learning right across the country, which is proving practical and motivating for all those involved.”

Arable farmer and former monitor farmer Brian Barker said he wants to build on his valuable monitor farm experiences and look at short and long-term decisions that will affect his business.

“Understanding risk management is key, as is financial scrutiny of farm trials,” said Mr Barker of E. J. Barker and Sons.

“As the host of a Strategic Farm, I want to make decisions that bring the best returns on investment. Most of all, I want to share my journey with others.”

Download the AHDB Inspiring Farm Excellence – 2018 Directory pdf

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