Farmer’s wife speaks out on ‘horrific’ cull intimidation

A farmer’s wife has broken her silence and spoken out about the intimidation tactics used by some protesters during the badger cull in 2013.

The woman said she and her family suffered constant harassment and intimidation during the first year of the cull pilots in Gloucestershire

She said her family received up to 25 silent telephone calls a night and was sent abusive letters on a daily basis, in an interview given to the NFU.

In addition, she said she had to live with protesters patrolling outside her family home every night.

“My daughters didn’t feel safe in their own village, their own home. If they did go out at night they were followed by protesters in their cars,” said the farmer’s wife.

“They came home sobbing, frightened and distraught. It was horrific.”

Listen to a recording of the interview below.

The second year of the badger culls got under way in the pilot counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire on 8 September.

The culls are part of the coalition government’s fight against bovine TB.

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