Farmer trampled while tagging calves

A farmer has been trampled to death by cattle on a Yorkshire farm.

John Ward of Geer Lane Farm, Geer Lane, Ridgeway, was tagging calves on 2 April when he was attacked and thrown into the air by the stock bull.

He was then trampled by panicked cows and suffered head and chest injuries.

The accident happened in front of his 21-year-old daughter Katie, who told the Yorkshire Post newspaper how she struggled to help her father.

“What happened is all a blur. It happened so fast. We were in the shed together tagging the calves,” said Miss Ward.

“A bull came up to him and nudged him and then threw him into the air. That’s when the mother started on him. All I remember is her jumping on him, all over.

“I know she had all her feet on him. I managed to get a stick and get her off him and then I rolled him away,” Miss Ward said.

She was joined by relatives who attempted to resuscitate Mr Ward but he died before the emergency services could reach him.

The Health and Safety Executive and police have launched an inquiry into the accident.