Farmers must ‘get more on the ball’ when selling beef

“Let’s get more on the ball in the way we sell our beef and not just send cattle to the abattoir without even checking how much they’re going to pay for it,” John Hoskin, Farmers Weekly‘s Farmer of the Year 2010, told the meeting last week.

“I know one abattoir reckons only half of their beef producers actually bother to phone and check the price before loading cattle onto the wagon. That’s not helping anyone get the best price,” said Mr Hoskin.

He was “optimistic” about the beef sector, and while margins remained tight and the cost of cereals would continue to be a major issue, he believed those who were considering moving out of beef to counter losses should take the long-term view.

“This is a challenging situation for us all, but I’m confident we’ll see an increase in demand and that the export drive by EBLEX will establish a new era for British beef.”

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