Fat lambs sell to £87 a head at Kington

The supply of lambs was still down at Kington Market last week, as farmers held out in the hope of better prices following poorer lamb trade the week previous.


However the entry of 1,132 lambs forward sold to a top price of £87 a head, with a respectable overall average of £75 a head or pence a kilo average of 1.66ppk.


Leading the trade with well-meated lambs weighing in at 55kg was T Hughes and Sons. Well-meated lambs were certainly the pick on the day, with better-finished lambs commanding a premium price. Lambs weighing between 39.5kg and 45.5kg averaged 1.68ppk, while lighter lambs under 39kg averaged 1.60ppk.

Next at £85 were some 53kg lambs from T Hughes, followed by another pen of 51kg lambs from the same home at £82. At the next best price of £80 a head was a pen of 49kg lambs from JW Lloyd and Son. Lambs from J Thomas weighing 46kg made £79, while others from PM and JA Jones at 45kg sold for £78.20.


Weighing 43kg from GP Protheroe made £76/head, while 42kg lambs from Messrs Hammond made £73.10.


A total of 388 cull sheep sold to a reasonable trade and an average of £56.30 a head.. Topping the section was S Hughes with Texel x ewes.


Meanwhile tups and weathers sold to £70 and averaged £58.