Firm trade of prime lambs and cull ewes at Knighton

An entry of 713 prime lambs and 913 cull sheep met firm trade at Knighton Market last Thursday (11 September).

Lamb trade averaged 152.12p/kg with buyers still wanting well-meated lambs.  Trade topped at 164p/kg for 47.5kg Texel cross lambs, to £78 a head. This was also top price a head from J J Owens and Son, Gumma.  Also to 162p/kg were 48kg Texel cross lambs (£77.80 a head) from Price Bros, Garbett Hall.  Other top prices included £76.80 a head for 50kg Texel cross lambs from H and J Lewis, Neaudd.  G E Lloyd and Son’s 50kg Texel cross lambs from Middle Cwmheyope  reached £74.50 a head.

A large ewe entry saw a lot of half-meated ewes.  Trade averaged £48.01 a head selling to £100.50 a head for Texel cross ewes from J M Jones and Sons, Bylchau.  Also to £96 a head for Suffolk cross ewes from E G Jones and Son, Llanfair Hall.  Mule ewes also to £78.50 a head from J E Griffiths, Menutton.  Mule ewes from T & M Lewis, The Lands, sold to £77.50 a head.  Speckled ewes sold to £54.50 a head from J T Williams and Son, White Anthony.  Also to £53.50 a head for Speckled ewes from T A Swancott and Son, The Lawn.  Welsh ewes from J K & E G Jones & Sons, Whitton Court, sold to £46 a head.