First Carlisle intermediate bull results

The first of the intermediate bull classes have now been judged and the seventh class of the day was won by Elrick Frenchman from Mike Massie. This Vantastic son is out of Elrick Countess, a Ryedale Paragon daughter.

Second in this class was Saunders Ferrrari (lot 184), an Anside Arnie son out of Saunders Usadora, a Saunders Pacific daughter. Then in third was Tremlows Firestone (lot 192), this one is by Sympa and out of Tremlows Celestial. Fourth here was Elrick Fantastic (lot 188) and fifth was Ballinloan Fastrac (lot 187).

In the next class the winner was Culnagechan Fivestar from Derek Hume (lot 200). Sired by Fieldson Alfy, he is out of Carmorn Usanna, a Nenuphar daughter. In second spot was Griseburn Falcon (lot 204). This is a Sadnhills Diablo son out of Griseburn Velvet, a Mynach Samson daughter.

Then in third was Culnagechan Fieldmarshallmontgomery (lot 205), this Vermount son is out of Carmorn Velvet, a Kype Spartacus daughter. The fourth ticket here went to Norman Fred (lot 202) and fifth was Homebyres Fulton (lot 197).

The ninth class of the day was won by Garnedd Frank (lot 221). This Attriant son is out of Garnedd Uchelgeisiol, a Broomfield Regentcy daughter. Second to him was Homebyres Fernando (lot 211). This is by Homebyres Arnott and out of Homebyres Uainsi, a Haltcliffe Nijinsky daughter. Third place went to Glenrock Firefly (lot 210). Sired by Fieldson Alfy he’s out of Glenrock Cameo, a Glenrock Ventura daughter.

Fourth in this class was Haltcliffe Fraser (lot 218) and fifth was Tomsschoice FHM (lot 216).