First-time dairy champ goes to Jersey breed

Both the dairy and beef interbreed competitions turned out to be ding-dong battles between two breeds, with honours shared.

A huge crowd watched judge Tom Phillips, a noted west Wales Holstein breeder, deliberate long before making the Morgan family’s August 2004-born Jersey Oberton Genevive 21 supreme dairy champion.

The win, the first interbreed success for Jerseys at the event, vindicated Eddie and Euan Morgan’s decision to buy her privately as a seven-month-old heifer.

The cow is one of 30 Jerseys run with 80 black-and-whites on a unit on the outskirts of Carmarthen, which makes the renowned Nantybwla farmhouse cheese.

The herd also provided the pair and contributed to the team of five that stood reserve to Holsteins in the other interbreed championship.

The Holstein supreme champion, Smiddiehill Holsteins’ rising four-year-old Denmire Gibson Marie 22, joined Simon and Sian Davies’s Saxleby Aaron Rosina in the pairing that took interbreed championship and cattle from three other breeders to impress judge Bryan Huxley enough to take the team of five interbreed award.

In the beef ring it was the Limousin and Charolais breeds that went head to head for the major interbreed accolades.

First blood went to Millington Tangerine from the 100-cow Limousin herd John Weatherill runs at Millington Grange Estate near York.

She took the individual beef interbreed championship, with Esmor Evans Charolais bull Maerdy Ulm in reserve.

But the breeds changed places when the team of five was judged, leaving the interbreed pairs competition, judged by Scot John Young, as the decider.

The task was not easy, with 15 pairs parading and what Mr Young described as a large number of outstanding duos to choose from.

But ringside experts were convinced the sheer quality of Tangerine, who was shown with her calf at foot, was an almost perfect match with William Campbell’s February 2000-born bull Milbroook R2K from Ballymena in Co Antrim.

They were right and the Charolais pair had to be content with reserve spot.

The first of the interbreed sheep championship, the pairs, was won by a Charollais pair exhibited by Tim and David Prichard, including their ewe which took the breed championship.

Farming next to the Royal Mint has obviously rubbed off on Mr Prichard, with his homebred Charollais ewe later clinching top honours in the hard fought interbreed competition under judge Bill Quick, Devon.

The ewe, whose twin sister was reserve breed champion at this year’s Three Counties Show, is by Galtres Dominator, a tup Mr Prichard purchased as part of a syndicate for 6000gns from Deborah Witchard two years ago, and out of a homebred ewe.

Taking second spot among the 43 breeds paraded was the Texel leader, an aged ewe from Nick Layton.

For once veteran Kerry Hill breeder Dick Powell faced defeat at his national show at the hands of Sarah Edwards from Tylwch in Powys.

Her ram stood breed champion with one of her shearling ewes reserve.

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Interbreed Millington Grange Estate’s Limousin cow Millington Tangerine; res, D E Evans’ Charolais bull Maerdy Ulm.
Interbreed Pairs Limousin; res, Charolais
Interbreed Team of Five Charolais; res, Limousin.
Welsh Black G Jones’ bull Seisog Bedwyr 129; res, G and Davies and Sons’ bull Penrhyn Newydd Glyndwr.
Hereford P J and A C Allman’s bull Greenyards 1 Archie; res, R and A Shaw’s bull Hallwood 1 Nibs.
Charolais D E Evans’ bull Maerdy Ulm; res, L Mumby’s heifer Furzeland Appear.
Blonde R G Davies’ bull Fronfedw Virgil; res, J G P Lewis and Co’s Ystwyth Venus.
Limousin Millington Grange Estate’s cow Millington Tangerine; res, H Emslie’s heifer Ballymoney Veronica.
Simmental M O and L D Jones’ bull Sundial Lewis; res, A Davies’ bull Hirwaun Rooney.
Belgian Blue C Williams’ bull Wilodge Ulex; res, J G Brindley’s female Bringlee Sandy.
South Devon W H Sandford’s bull Haughton SAS Joe Lewis; res, D Smallcombe’s heifer Z Flintfield Sarah.
Aberdeen Angus C J and J L M Hutchings’ heifer Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel; res, C J and J L M Hutchings’ bull Logie Daredevil.
Salers A and M Austin’s bull Morwenston Saracen; res, D I and H M Rogers’ cow Coland Quaint.
Longhorn B and M Llewellyn’s bull Carreg Equator; res, J S Brigg’s heifer Gorse Lollipop.
British White Rotac Farms’ heifer Woodbastwick Hollyworth; res, A Hamilton’s heifer Dallyashes Hollyhock.
Murrey Grey Otter and Co’s cow Ashrose Beverley 14; res, K Hemingway’s heifer Tirmynach Princess.
Dexter T Drew’s heifer Higher Keaton Ruby; res, M P Eagling’s heifer Mostyn Beauty.
Shorthorn M A Holmes’ cow Holmeere Georgia Rose; res, M A Holmes’ bull Holmeere Dan The Man.
Devon J Gilson’s heifer Challenge Ribecca 12; res, J Gilson’s bull Challenge Show Boy.
Highland C A and J Whatmore’s bull Orison of Culfoich; res, A Harrison’s heifer Fleur 3 of Cim.
Commercial Beef G P Brooke’s Belgian Blue x Limousin cross heifer Smarty Pants; res, M Hallam’s Limousin steer Super Ted.

Interbreed E M and E and I Morgan’s Jersey Osberton Genevive; res, Smidiehill Holsteins’ Denmire Gibson Marie.
Interbreed Pairs Holstein; res, Jersey.
Interbreed Heifer N Al-Khalifa’s Holstein Gwynnog Farmer Linnet; res, S and S Murray Farms’ Jersey Shellen Connection Diamond.
Interbreed Team of Five Holsteins; res, Jerseys.
Holstein Smiddiehill Holsteins’cow Denmire Gibson Marie; res, I L and E Harries’ cow Weeton Shark Celicia.
Ayrshire R E B and E Huws’ cow Penrhos Autumn Red; res, P and S Williams’ heifer Willhome Gold Caroline.
Jersey E M, E and I Morgan’s Osberton Genevive; res, E M, E
and I Morgan’s cow Freeland Jude Candy.
Shorthorn O Harries’ cow Cotley Hazel; res, N Madely’s cow Nejay Princess.

T Prichard’s Charollais shearling ewe; res, N Layton’s Texel ewe.
Interbreed Pairs Charollais; res, Suffolk.
Interbreed Native/Upland S Edwards’ Kerry Hill shearling ram; res, R and S Jones’ South Country Cheviot shearling ewe.
Interbreed Lowland/Continental T Prichard’s Charollais shearling ewe; res, N Layton’s Texel ewe.
Welsh Mountain (Registered) A E Jones’ ram; res, R G Williams’ ewe.
Welsh Mountain (Hill Flock) A Lloyd Jones’ ram; res, T Hughes’ ewe lamb.
South Wales Mountain S and E D Williams’ ram; res, E Williams’ ewe.
Black Welsh Mountain W and S Workman’s shearling ram; res, E O Williams’ shearling ewe.
Badger Face A and E Edwards and Davies’ ram; res, C G Isaac-Burrows’ shearling ewe.
Balwen Welsh H Williams’ shearling ewe; res, H and M Williams’ shearling ram.
Welsh Hill Speckled Face C Eifion’s ram; res, E and C B Lloyd’s ewe.
Beulah Speckled Face E Morgans’ shearling ram; res, E Morgans’ ewe.
Hill Radnor D C L and C J Williams’ ram; res, K L and R E Jones’ shearling ewe.
Kerry Hill S Edwards’ shearling ram; res, S Edwards’ shearling ewe.
Brecknock Hill Cheviot D H Morgan’s shearling ram; res, H E Havard’s shearling ram.
North Country Cheviot A W & J Jones’ ewe; res, J H Williams & Son’s ram.
Derbyshire Gritstone C Chapple-gill’s ewe; res, C Chapple-Gill’s ram.
Exmoor Horn N W and E M Daff’s shearling ewe; res, M Scott’s shearling ram.
Jacob D J Price’s shearling ewe; res, A M Jones’ ewe lamb.
Ryeland R A, A M and L A Howell’s shearling ram; res,J A and S M Donovan and Sons’ shearling ewe.
Dorset Down K Ivey’s ram; res, J McMinn’s ram lamb.
Wiltshire Horn B and H Thomas and Sons’ shearling ewe; res, I Owen’s shearling ram.
Welsh Mule R A George’s ewe; res, J Thomas and Son’s ewe lamb
Welsh Half-Bred E P Hughes and Co’s yearling ewe; res, E P Hughes and Co’s yearling ewe.
Southdown D S and P Humphrey’s ram; res, D S and P Humphrey’s shearling ram.
Longwool D Stanhope’s ewe; res, D Stanhope’s ram.
Llanwenog H Evans’ ram; res, G E G and W Evans’ ewe.
Dorset Horn/Poll Dorset R Hole’s ram; res, P Laws’ ewe.
Any Other Breed R Jones’ shearling ewe; res, A W and S E Hughes’ ram.
Bluefaced Leicester M C and G Roberts’ ewe; res, M James’ ewe.
Zwartbles S and S Murray Farms’ ram; res, E M Williams’ ewe lamb.
Clun Forest C and A Meredith’s ram; res, I T Davies and Son’s shearling ewe.
Oxford Down G C Watson and C J Grain’s ram lamb; res, J W Hook’s ewe lamb.
Lleyn A W Davies’ ram; res, J A and R Geldard and Sons’ shearling ewe.
Border Leicester D J and G A Watkins’ ram; res, D J and G A Watkins’ ewe.
Bleu du Maine J W and K M Davison’s shearling ewe; res, J W and K M Davison’s shearling ram.
Rouge S J Smyth and Sons’ ram; res, D R Jane’s ram.
Charrollais T L Prichard’s shearling ewe; res, C R Sercombe’s ewe.
Berrichon du Cher M C and K D Yeo’s ram; res, M C and K D Yeo’s shearling ewe.
Charmoise Hill D O Davies’ ewe; res, D and O Davies’ shearling ram.
Beltex D B Roberts’ ewe; res, S Gibbons’ ram.
Texel N B J Layton’s ewe; res, G J and J E Williams’ ram.
Vendeen R T and M Jones’ ewe lamb; res, J W Durman’s ram.
Hampshire Down R J Vincent’s shearling ram; res, M Adams’ shearling ewe.
Shropshire P Geddes’ ram; res, M Farquhar’s ewe lamb.
Suffolk M A Evans’ shearling ram; res, S P Davies’ ram lamb.
Prime Lamb L Davies’ Beltex lambs; res, R and J Williams’ Dutch Texel lambs.

G W and F M Jones’ Middle White boar Mabon Revival; res, P M Fowlie’s Welsh gilt Braemor Nina 11.
Interbreed Male G W and F M Jones’ boar Mabon Revival; res,
Interbreed Female P M Fowlie’s Welsh gilt Braemor Nina 11; res, A J Thomas’ British Saddleback Pantysgawen Silverwings 48.
Interbreed Pairs G W and F M Jones Middle Whites; res, G and C Davies and Brookin’s Pietrains.
Welsh P M Fowlie’s gilt Braemor Nina 11; res, T Evans and Son’s boar Gooldfoot Leo 1249.
Landrace J Owens’ sow Daintree Elegance 7; res, J Owens’ boar Llety Riber.
Any Other Modern G Davies and C Brookin’s Pietrain gilt.
British Saddleback A J Thomas’ gilt Panysgawen Silverwings 48; res, W G Edwards’ gilt Pantysgawen Dinah.
Any Other Traditional G W and F M Jones’ Middle White gilt Mabon Fairlady II; res, G W and F M Jones’ Middle White boar Mabon Revival.

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