Flying trade at Bicester and Thame Sheep Fair

Friday’s Thame with Bicester Sheep Fair saw a jump in trade for shearling ewes of about £30/head on the year, with the best Suffolk x Mules selling to £202/head and Mules making up to £190/head.thame 2011 blog.jpgAccording to auctioneer Rob Lea of Thame Farmers Mart, the trade was above expectations for the Mules with the entire Mule shearling entry levelling the day at £145. “We had some great runs of sheep forward and the buyers were prepared to pay a bit more for the quality sheep.

“With prime lamb and cull trade being so strong this year there has been a desire to reinvest in young sheep and this did impact a little on the older ewe trade which wouldn’t have been as sharp as perhaps we thought it might be.”

In the store lambs on offer a top of £75/head was backed up by an average of £63 and Mr Lea expects a much larger store lamb entry for the second sale in a month’s time. “But I’d expect our shearling trade to be back a bit then as we get in to the second and third draw sheep.”

Best price of the day was a £232/head bid for the first pen of sheep in the ring, a pen of pure Beltex ewes. “This really set the trend for the day and buyers dug deep to get the sheep they wanted, with six or eight pens at £200 or more.”

Full report to follow later…..