Foot-and-mouth: BBC forum discussions highlight polarised views of farming industry

The re-emergence of foot and mouth disease in Surrey has not received as much press coverage as the first outbreak, but the subject is being discussed on internet sites.

A quick scan of the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ forum area shows that while many people do acknowledge the difficulty the industry is in, others have little sympathy.

Here’s the good:

“Yet again foot-and-mouth is allowed to happen, how many more times can British farming withstand these knocks? I really feel for farmers, they are not being given a fair chance to do what they do best.” – Fiona.

“My heart goes out to all British farmers, it seems to be one thing after another, but I will still buy British food whenever possible because I think we have the best quality meat and vegetables in the world bar none.” – Lynne.

And here’s the bad:

“The heartbreak of farmers – what a laugh – they are the blood suckers of the land getting ordinary working people’s taxes as subsidies and moaning about hard times…” – Sue.

“Very sad (for the animals), but I personally couldn’t care less about the farmers. Did they care when the mines were being closed, back in the 80’s.” Paul.

Do these polarised views of the farming industry worry you? Discuss the issue with other farmers on the forums.