Foot and mouth farmer Roger Pride reopens farm shop

Roger Pride, the farmer at the heart of the 2007 outbreak of foot and mouth disease, has re-opened his family’s farm shop after the outbreak forced its closure last month.

Speaking to Farmers Weekly, Mr Pride said he and his family were just pleased to resume normality after the events of the past six weeks. He estimated that his business incurred a loss of about £25,000 during this time.

The shop, at the Pride’s farm at Elstead, Surrey, was formally re-opened by the Mayor of Waverley with the Bishop of Guildford and Stuart Burgess, the government’s rural advocate, also attending the celebration.

Commenting on the day Mr Pride said: “We’re really pleased.  The whole day went very well with more than 300 people attending. We even had to use a field as an over-flow car park.”

Mr Pride plans to re-stock with traditional English breeds of cattle either late this year or early next year once DEFRA grants him permission to do so. Until then beef will be sourced from Barry Myers, a near-by producer of Hereford cattle.

Roger Pride
Roger Pride and his father Derrick are pleased to resume trading having lost nearly £25,000 over the past six weeks.