FSA canvasses opinion on cloning

The Food Standards Agency has canvassed all EU member states for their views on cloning animals.


The agency made the move ahead of its landmark meeting on cloning (15 September) to establish whether it stands alone in being at odds with Brussels’ take on the matter.

An agency official explained that the commission believed only cloned livestock were novel foods “requiring special permission before entering the food chain”.

But the FSA view is that regulations should also apply to the offspring of clones and subsequent generations.

So far only six countries have responded to the FSA’s question and all of them believe the commission’s view is the right approach to take.

The FSA’s Scotland director, Prof Charles Milne said: “We have tried to pin down member states but we have not had a large enough number of replies.”

He refused to be drawn on which countries had responded.

The Scottish Food Advisory Committee proposed at its meeting on 10 September that the board should agree that legislation should be “clear, consistent and harmonised across the EU and any uncertainties in interpretation should be rapidly resolved”.

The debate follows the controversy in August when meat from the progeny of cloned animals entered the food chain without a licence.

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