Good meat cows in short suppy at Sedgemoor

A smaller entry of 158 cull stock met a similar trade at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, when best and good meat cows were in short supply and keenly sought. More than 50% of the entry were plain grade fours, which found homes at recent levels.

Top was 149.5p/kg for a well fleshed South Devon, 806kg from Messrs Hill and Johnstone. Best sucklers were 140p/kg plus, when a Simmental from Messrs J Cockburn and Partners achieved 148.5p/kg, a Limousin from Mr G N and Mrs J A Parr rose to 144.5p/kg, a Hereford from Messrs A J Scott and Son 143p/kg and a Blue from Messrs S R and L Hutchings 140p/kg.

Better sucklers made 130p/kg plus. Good meat types realised 120p/kg plus and half meat sucklers made around 115p/kg. P

SUCKLERS sold to £1,210.28 for the Simmental from Messrs J Cockburn and Partners. Another over £1,200 at £1,204.97 was the South Devon from Messrs Hill and Johnstone.

BLACK AND WHITE COWS topped at 143.5p/kg for a Friesian from Mr G G Dyer. Best Holstein Frisian cows made 130p/kg plus at 135p/kg, Cole Farming Ltd; 133.5p/kg, Messrs C J and J C Pine; 131p/kg Denhay Farms Ltd; 130.5p/kg Messrs Ellicott and Son and 130p/kg Colgrove Partnership.

BLACK AND WHITES sold to £1,136.40 for a tremendous 947kg H F from Messrs A W Hewlett and Son. Another made more than £1,100 at £1,128.08 (HF & 845kg) from Messrs C J and J C Pine.

All cows averaged £682 for the second week running. CULL BULLS sold to £1,351.82 for a younger Simmental from Mr N H Julian and 137.5p/kg for a well fleshed Hereford from Mr W Ham.

OTM CLEAN sold to £1,044.40 for a Holstein Friesian heifer from Mr M B and Mrs C J N Ayre. 146p/kg was also bid for a lightweight heifer from Mr G N and Mrs J A Parr.

Auctioneers: Greenslade Taylor Hunt