Great Yorkshire parade among summer’s best

The Great Yorkshire Show goes from strength to strength and last week’s livestock on the Harrogate showground rate among the best anywhere on the summer circuit.

In the coveted interbreed beef championship a tremendous Charolais heifer beat a top-ranking line-up to stand supreme and in the vast sheep section a Suffolk shearling ewe – fresh from her champion breed ticket at the Royal Show – was on even better form to take the interbreed title.

The popular scoring system adopted for the show’s beef championship drew its traditional bumper crowd.

The judges – each awarding points to individual breed champions – had some tough decisions to make.

But they were unanimous in their high marking of the Charolais heifer Holtstead Velvet.

Having stood junior female champion at last year’s show, Velvet is sired by Gretnahouse Noel and shown by Fred and June Andrews.

The sheep section provided a feast of outstanding breed entries including one of the best ever turnouts of northern hill breeds.

But terminal sire favourites attracted huge classes.

The Texel shearling ewe produced the breed champion from John Mellin’s Hull House flock at Settle, North Yorkshire.

Sheep exhibitors at this show can take a tilt at a range of interbreed titles, but the supreme accolade went to a powerful Suffolk shearling ewe from 21-year-old Judith Barbour’s Ewebank flock in Dumfriesshire.

Judith, who is the youngest exhibitor ever to take this title, runs 32 Suffolk ewes and established her flock when she was just 11 years old with the help of her elder brother Ian, who runs the Solwaybank flock.

Her champion is by the 7000gns Glenisla Grimaldi.

A strong Lleyn section was won by a shearling ewe from Yorkshire breeder Simon Kavanagh, who also works as a full-time pig herd manager.

The dairy section was led by the Silky Gibson sired Bricknell Gibson Peach, a second calver bought from the dispersal of the Carter family’s Bricknell herd dispersal.

The champion was praised by judge Duncan Hunter for her “power, scale, quality and tremendous udder”.

She was giving 52kg a day after calving her second in April.

A double victory in the pig lines saw Dorset breeder Steve Loveless scoop both the Pig of the Year Award and the interbreed championship with Port Bredy Beryl, a Large White gilt from his herd at Bridport.

She has already taken a stack of titles at big fixtures this summer and will be part of Mr Loveless’s annual sale of show stock at the end of the season.

Interbreed F and J Andrews’ Charolais heifer Holtstead Velvet; res, C Crawford’s Limousin bull Sauvignon.
Beef Shorthorn MA Jones’ cow Holmeere Georgia Rose; res, J Biggar and Croxton Farm Partnership’s bull Chapleton Toronto.
Lincoln Red H and J Needler’s bull Walmer Everest; res, I McNee’s bull Misterton Herculeanium.
Aberdeen Angus J Brooks’ bull Wedderlie Prestige; res, R Galloway’s heifer Cardona Fiona.
Hereford P and A Allman’s bull Greenyards 1 Archie; res, P and A Allman’s cow Broatch 1 June.
Galloway J and S Ross’ heifer Bertha 214 of Romesbeoch; res, Wallace Bros’ cow Beatrice M over Barskeoch.
Belted Galloway C Fletcher’s bull Barwise Jigsaw; res, Mochrum Estate’s heifer Mochrum Georgette.
Highland K Logan’s heifer Ban-Iarla Morag 3 of Blairlogan; res, J Price-Edwards’ bull Crubach of Redrullion.
South Devon M Broome’s bull Welland Valley Hanbury; res, J Harrison’s heifer Brafferton Dora 3.
Longhorn J Close and Son’s heifer Fishwick Enchantress; res, J Close and Son’s heifer Fishwick Davina.
Dexter K Darnbrook’s cow Plane Tree Cassandra; res, K Darnbrook’s heifer Plane Tree Circe.
Charolais F and J Andrews’ heifer Holtstead Velvet; res, J and V Webb’s bull Hackleton Victor.
Simmental Barker and Borlase’s bull Glenturk Nomad; res, J and V Wood’s heifer Popes Nellys Princess.
Limousin C Crawford’s bull Sauvignon; res, A and C Stafford’s heifer Kaprico Ultimate.
Blonde I and S Archer’s cow Marstonmill Penelope Pitstop; res, K Jackson’s bull Van Gogh.
Belgian Blue D Williams’ bull Wilodge Ulex; res, A Craig’s cow Woodview Sue.
Salers Rigel Pedigree’s heifer Rigel Orla; res, Rigel Pedigree’s bull Rigel Hector.

Interbreed J Barbour’s Suffolk shearling ewe; res, W and J Thomson’s North Country Cheviot ewe.
Leicester A and A Aconley’s shearling ewe; res, A and A Aconley’s shearling gimmer.
Teeswater A Fisher’s ewe; res, A Fisher’s shearling gimmer.
Bluefaced Leicester G Shapiro’s aged ewe; res, M Robinson and Son’s aged ewe.
Lincoln F Martin’s shearling ram; res, K and R Harding’s ram lamb.
Wensleydale B Field’s shearling ewe; res, J Watkinson’s shearling ewe.
Bleu du Maine J and K Davison’s shearling ewe; res, J Skinner McInness’ ewe.
Hampshire Down C Horrell’s ewe lamb; res J Atkinson’s shearling ewe.
Suffolk J Barbour’s shearling ewe; res, A Bulmer’s shearling ewe.
Oxford Down G Watson and C Grain’s shearling ewe; res, G Watson and C Grain’s ewe lamb.
Ryeland A Robinson’s shearling ewe; res, A Pink’s shearling ewe.
Texel J Mellin’s shearling ewe; res, P Woof’s shearling ewe.
Charollais R and M Paterson’s shearling ewe; res, F Kennedy’s shearling ewe.
Vendeen G Pannett’s ewe; res, R Howie’s ewe.
Rouge J Wilkinson’s ewe; res, J Smithson’s ewe.
Berrichon du Cher M and H Crane’s aged ewe; res, M and H Crane’s shearling ewe.
Beltex S and G Potter’s ewe; res, K and R Buckle’s ram.
Blackface H and G Birkbeck’s shearling gimmer; res, N Allonby’s ewe lamb.
North Country Cheviot W and J Thomson’s ewe; res, W and J Thomson’s ewe lamb.
Derbyshire Gritstone B Crawshaw’s shearling ewe; res, J Pickard’s ewe lamb.
Lonk J Pickard’s shearling gimmer; res, J Pickard’s ewe lamb.
Swaledale G Slack’s ewe; res J Alderson’s ewe.
Whitefaced Woodland A Howard’s ewe; res, Middlesbrough Borough Council’s ewe lamb.
Rough Fell W Capstick and Son’s ewe; res, G Sedgwick and Son’s yearling ewe.
Dalesbred J Bradley’s ewe; res J Wilson and Sons’ ewe.
Herdwick I and A Grisedale’s ewe; res, I and A Grisedale’s ewe.
Shetland K Sharp’s ram; res, A and K Bennett’s ram.
Lleyn S Kavanagh’s shearling ewe; res, S Frost’s ewe.
Hebridean Cassie and Wainwright’s ewe; res, C and K Heeley’s ewe.
Jacob A and J Smith’s ewe; res, B Palmer’s ewe lamb.
Zwartbles A Thorburn’s ewe; res, M Preston’s ewe.

Interbreed A Jennings’ Holstein cow Bricknell Gibson Peach; res, E Tomlinson and Sons’ Ayrshire heifer Sandyford Clover 10.
Holstein A Jennings’ cow Bricknell Gibson Peach; res, P Waring’s cow Emadale Jayshark Alicia.
Dairy Shorthorn G Baynes and Son’s cow Marleycote Petal 95; res I Collins and Partners’ cow Churchroyd Lady Barrington 12.
Ayrshire E Tomlinson and Sons’ Sandyford Clover 10; res, D Alderson’s cow Haresfoot Pamela 5.
Jersey Ravenfield Jerseys’ cow Ravenfield Jess 5; res, Saxby Family’s heifer Saxown Just Blossom 5.

Interbreed S Loveless’s Large White gilt Port Bredy Beryl; res, C Vaughan’s Welsh boar Vinery Victor 4246.
Berkshire V Mills boar Moorsholm Peter Lad 11; res D and M Shaw’s sow Kiplin Excelsa 21.
Saddleback A Long’s boar Fransgreen Grand Duke 330; res J and M Wreakes’ Victoria Lottie 82.
Gloucester Old Spot Mr and M Hicks’ gilt Windmill Princess Mary 9; res, M Hicks’ boar Windmill Gerald 20.
Large Black B Card and B Bricknell’s sow Westerly Maid 273; res, B Card and B Bricknell’s sow Bilgrm Nocturne 21.
Large White S Loveless’s gilt Port Bredy Beryl; res, P Brown’s boar Calderbrook Alpine.
Middle White R and P Horsley’s sow Templeson Fair Lady; res, R and P Horsley’s gilt Acaster Woodlands Lady 490.
Welsh D and B Houlston’s sow Gill Beck Elenora; res, C Vaughan’s sow Vinery Marigold 4264.