Great Yorkshire Show 2015: Pig breed champions

Large White

Champion: Mr SJ Loveless’ gilt Portbredy Maple Leaf, born in January 2015 and sired by Portbredy Field.

Reserve: Mr SJ Loveless’ boar Portbredy Champion Boy, born in July 2014 and sired by Portbredy Champion Boy 2792.



Champion: Mr AJ Brown’s sow Valstock Princess, born in January 2012 and sired by Valstock Jasper 575.

Reserve: Mr JW Farrington’s gilt Beechwood Princess 18, born in Januar 2015 and sired by Beechwood Yorkshireman 13.


Gloucestershire Old Spot

Champion: Mr MJ Smith’s gilt Cosscoombe Primrose 6, born in July 2014 and sired by Toller Gerald 866.

Reserve: Mr MJD Dallaway’s boar Kilcot Sambo 22, born in February 2015 and sired by Pebblesford Sambo 551.


Large Black

Champion: K and K Matthews’ sow Lowpark Queen, born in September 2012 and sired by Sock Attempt 15.