Guide advises farmers on government solar panel scheme

A new guide has been launched telling farmers how to get the government to pay them to install solar panels that generate green electricity.

The guide, released by Kershaw Solar, describes how a government grant not only covers the cost of installing the panels, but typically generates a profit for farmers.

This is all about how people in agriculture can take advantage of the government’s feed-in tariff, explains the company’s Paul McLeish.

“The idea is simple. You install solar panels now and the government pays you back over a number of years.

“Along the way you reduce the impact of your farm on the environment, lower your energy bills and better still, make a profit in the long term.”

The feed-in tariff was introduced earlier this year, and Kershaw Solar is one of a number of companies across the UK installing solar panels. It has seen a huge increase in demand since the scheme was announced.

Mr McLeish has seen some farms install a huge number of solar panels to take advantage of the scheme and use dead land.

He adds: “The guide describes how to take advantage of this scheme. It’s a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be more green, lower your bills and make a profit – all at the same time.”

Copies are available free here.

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