Guide aids forage selection

A new free guide providing up-to-date information on crop selection and best practice advice for harvesting, storage and feeding will help farmers make an informed choice about which forages to grow.

Growing the most suitable crops underpins performance on many ruminant farms, with the profitability of ruminant systems largely dependent on the quality of forages produced, says biotals’ Nick Berni.

“Forage quality affects feed intakes, the degree of supplementary feeding necessary and ultimately how well animals perform. Farmers now have access to a far wider range of crops and preservation techniques, making the choice more difficult, but the benefits potentially greater.”

“In the past few years we have witnessed rapid development in the energy crops available and are likely to see similar growth in high protein silages as farmers react to volatile straights prices. This guide can help farmers grow the best balance of forages for their livestock,” says Mr Berni.