Lerin spreaders keep it quiet and the poultry calm

Lerin Spreader 2

A newe straw spreader range has been introduced by Taylors of Consett, Co Durham.

Lerin spreaders will handle round and square straw bales in poultry houses and confined spaces.

The DPC 120 is fitted with a variable speed walking floor. This moves the bale towards the rear of the machine where there are two hydraulically-driven rotors which tease out and shred material from the bale.

The straw then falls on to two spinning discs which spread it up to 9m.

Horsepower requirement is 45hp and recommended spool-valve oil flow is 50 litres/minute.

The DPC 120 is 4.6m long, 1.9m high, 1.9m wide and weighs 1t.

The round bale model – DBSP 18 – is a more compact machine with a moving floor which unrolls the bale on to the spinning disks. It measures 3.1m long, 1.7m wide and weighs 720kg.

The spreaders are said to keep dust to a minimum and low noise levels help to avoid affecting the poultry flock during spreading.

Prices start from £4950.