Brian May pulls out of badger cull protest

Rock star Brian May has failed to turn up for a planned protest against the badger cull.

The Queen guitarist had been booked to dress up as a badger with a black stripe in his hair for “May Day”, a demonstration outside DEFRA’s London offices today (Wednesday 1 May).

Organisers Lush cosmetic stores, which is calling on the government to stop the cull, issued a press release earlier in the week announcing that Mr May would front a flash-mob as they danced to his anti-cull protest song, Badger, Badger, Badger.

During the five-minute act, he was expected to call for the badger cull to be replaced by badger vaccination.

But Mr May, who runs anti-blood sports charity Save Me and is an outspoken critic of the cull, did not make an appearance and a small protest went ahead without him.

A spokesman for Lush said: “He hasn’t given us any reason (for his non-appearance). You’d be better off talking to his press office. We’re all very disappointed.”

The government is piloting a badger cull this summer in west Somerset and west Gloucestershire as part of its package to eradicate bovine TB.

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