Cattle TB history to be made available to buyers in Wales

Farmers could soon have immediate access to the full TB history of cattle sold at Welsh livestock markets.

It comes as the Welsh government announced on Monday (20 April) that market operators in Wales could apply for a grant of up to £2,500 to pay for screens to display every bovine’s TB background.

In Wales, all herds are tested at least once a year but this is not the case in other parts of the UK.

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To safeguard Welsh herds, the Welsh government wants farmers to question the TB history of every animal they buy from outside Wales.

Deputy food and farming minister Rebecca Evans has even gone as far as urging famers to only buy cattle which have been pre-movement tested.

She said the so-called Informed Purchasing grant would help farmers make informed decisions on which cattle to buy.

“Introducing any new animal to a herd can be a potential disease risk,’’ said Mrs Evans.

“For some time we have been encouraging farmers to exercise caution when buying cattle and to ask for information about the disease history of an animal and its herd of origin before purchasing it.

“This grant will help enable markets to make this information readily available at the point of sale to help farmers to make more informed buying decisions and consider what precautions they may need to take.”

Livestock market operators have until 1 June to apply. The grant can also be used for events aimed at encouraging farmers to share TB information.