TFA stands by decision not to co-operate with DEFRA on cost-sharing

The Tenant Farmers Association has repeated its vow not to co-operate with DEFRA’s agenda on animal health cost-sharing until the government addresses their concerns over bovine TB.

Greg Bliss, TFA national chairman, said the association had held “lengthy debates” on the issue and its decision not to be involved in any discussions with DEFRA on cost-sharing remained.

Speaking ahead of the publication of a DEFRA consultation on the subject, expected later this month, Mr Bliss said the formation of the TB eradication group was an important first step.

However, it was too early to determine whether DEFRA was serious about working with the industry to eradicate the disease, he added.

“It is clear to us that DEFRA has already made up its mind on the central issues and the forthcoming consultation document will merely be a box-ticking exercise and will make very little difference to the final outcome.

“Against that background, the TFA sees little to be gained from further discussion with DEFRA.

“The TFA wants no part of a divisive and dangerous policy and will continue to oppose it.”