Welsh consider making public TB farm details

The identity of farms with bovine TB breakdowns could soon be made public in Wales.

The Welsh government is sounding out the industry on proposals to disclose the location of TB-infected herds.

The government believes this approach would help neighbouring farmers to reduce risks to their own cattle.

Wales’ deputy minister for farming and food, Rebecca Evans, has now launched a consultation on the proposals.

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She said there was currently no obligation for information about TB breakdowns to be shared with neighbouring farmers.

“This means farmers are unable to take sensible precautions, such as moving cattle to another field, to protect their animals from risk of disease,’’ said Mrs Evans.

“These proposals would allow farmers to make informed decisions on what they can do to protect their herds from TB.’’

The minister encouraged those with an interest in the proposals to respond before the 30 January deadline. She will make a decision on whether to implement the new system after considering every response.