Hexham mart steady prime cattle sale

Just had the prices in for Hexham and Northern Marts weekly sale…yet another good day’s trading with 59 cattle forward including 3 young bulls and 29 over thirty month animals.


Charolais heifers; 121.5p and 117.5p(x2) Flotterton

Limousin heifers; 118.5p & 117.5p Stotsfold

Limousin steers; 114.5p Peacock House

Charolais steers; £788.67 High Warden, £784.13 Nunwick

Limousin steers; £747.57 Nunwick, £746.54 Peacock House, £744.13 Hallington New Houses

Charolais heifers; £739.94 Flotterton
Trade for the over 30 months cattle was pretty similar to last week with the following prices:

Charolais; £689.43 Berry Edge, £566.28 Beaumont House

Limousin; £587.93 Meldon Lane House, £587.93 & £579.09 Settlingstones, £520.73 Grindon Hill

Angus; £560.81 High Warden

The good spring is also bringing lambs forward earlier, however with plenty of cheap hoggs in the supply chain, spring lamb trade is hesitant.

The sale was topped at 128.6p/kg for pure Texels from Newbiggen Hill purchased by Cranstons, Priestpopple, Hexham and £55.50 twice for Texel cross lambs from Ashcroft purchased by Thompson Wholesale Meat Ltd, Witton Le Wear.

Texel x

£55.50 Ashcroft & Ingoe Low Hall, £54.80 Ingoe Low Hall, £54.50 Ashcroft, £54.20 Grange House, £54 Newbiggen Hill & Ingoe Low Hall, £51.20 Ashcroft

128.6p Newbiggen Hill, 119.5p Cutthorn, 116.6p Ingoe Low Hall, 116.3p & 115.3p Grange House, 113.5p Aydonshields, 113.3p Ashcroft

Suffolk x

£55 Salmonswell, £53 Steel Hall, £52.50 Ashcroft & Salmonswell, £52 South Hallington & Ashcroft, £51 Grange House, £50 Dilston Haugh, £49 Lowes Fell

118.4p Salmonswell, 118.2p South Hallington, 118p Steel Hall, 117p Dilston Haugh, 116.7p Lowes Fell, 116p Salmonswell, 115.9p Grange House, 114.6p Jubilee Buildings

HOGGS (136)

Texel x

£49.50 Halton Red House, £47.50 Dene House, £46.50 Halton Red House, £45.50 Little Whittington & Old Town, £43 West Shields, £42.50 Middle Heads, £42 Halton Red House

Suffolk x

£45.50 Little Whittington, £44 Ingoe Low Hall