Hexham spring suckler sale tops £1500

Hexham and Northern marts had forward an entry of 105 beef breeding cattle at their second special May sale.

Althogh heifers with calves at foot were a mixed selection with quality outfits short of requirements, the sale was topped at £1500 for an outstanding Limousin x Friesian heifer with a three quarter bred Limousin bull calf from Morrow Edge.

Cows with calves sold to £1150 for a Limousin cross 5th calver with a three quarter bred Limousin bull calf from Warden Law.

Bulling heifers were a useful selection selling to £790 for Limousin x Friesian heifers from Oaktree Farm, Bedale.Top Prices:

Heifers and Cows with Calves at Foot
Limousin x

£1500 Morrow Edge, £1420 West Wharmley, £1300 Sleights House, £1180 Round Meadows, £1150 Mirlaw House & Warden Law(5th calver), £1120 West Wharmley, £1050 Sleights House, £1020 Warden Law(2nd calver) & Pry Hill(4th calver)

Belgian Blue x

£1350 Sleights House(x2), £1120 Mirlaw House, £1100 Glebe Farm(2nd Calver) & The Birks(4th calver), £1050 Sleights House, £1040 The Birks

Blonde x

£1100 Low Shipley(4th calver)

South Devon x

£1050 Warden Law(2nd calver)

Hereford x Friesian

£920 Warden Law(3rd calver)

Incalf Cows

Simmental x Friesian due Sept/Oct to Angus Bull

£650, £640(2nd calver), £620, £590(x2) Heckley High House

Bulling Heifers

Limousin x Friesian

£790 & £700(x2) Oaktree Farm, £660 Thrunton Lowfield

Simmental x

£710 & £700 Oaktree Farm
£700 & £620(x2) Oaktree Farm