Hindus and vets in standoff over TB infected sacred bull

The standoff between members of a Hindu religious community and Welsh Assembly veterinary surgeons is continuing.

Officials are still insisting that a six year old Friesian cross bull named Shambo must be slaughtered on 21 May after it tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.

But supporters of the Skanda Vale Temple at Llanpumpsaint near Carmarthen insist that the life of Shambo is sacred

They have isolated the bull in a straw-walled shrine, which they claim minimises the health risk for other bovines and humans.

More than 6000 people who have signed an internet petition agree.

The Hindu Forum of Britain has warned that many members are ready to travel to Wales to resist veterinary authorities.

Opposition to statutory slaughter of the reactor continues despite a visit by Christianne Glossop. Community members cite the number of false positives produced by the tuberculin skin test.

But farming organisations insist that if the slaughter TB reactors is necessary to control the disease exceptions cannot be made on religious grounds.

Dai Davies, president of NFU Cymru, who lost many cattle during a TB outbreak on his farm, said he was sympathetic, but he insisted that the bull must be destroyed.