Hoggets top £99.20 at Kington Market

An excellent entry of 3,220 finished hoggets and cull ewes at Kington Market met a strong trade with hoggets topping £99.20 and cull ewes to £138.50.

An entry of 2,800 hoggets saw over half the entry over 46kg, and auctioneers McCartneys reported there was a surfeit of heavy hoggets which were harder to sell than the handy weights.

Despite this they averaged £93.50 with a top head price of £99.20 for some 63kg from I.W Terry, Hereford. While some 60kg hoggets from Nigel Bevan sold at £97 and 58kg from the same home made £96.20. Graham Price sold 52kg at £96 and Gethin Probert sold 48kg for £95.80.

The export weights 38-44kg were easily sold and averaged £92 a head and 216p/kg. 39kg from E Gore made £90, 38.5kg from Charlie Jones made £88, 43kg from Neil Bevan and Martin Skyrme made £95.20 who also sold 43.5kg for £94.20, Lee Phillips sold 40kg at £89, 222ppk.

A good entry of 420 cull ewes and rams experienced an excellent trade averaging £87.92, which included some very lean hill ewes at £22 a head. Catherine Evans sold ewes to £138.50 for some texels, MJ Bayliss sold ewes at £138. Several mules selling from £100-110 and Suffolk cross selling from £110-125.