Hoggs dearer on the week at Kirkby Stephen

An entry of 1,521 sheep were forward at Kirkby Stephen Mart on Tuesday, consisting of 1,242 prime hoggs and 279 cast ewes and rams.

Topping the sale at £80 were a pen of Beltex crosses from Mr J Buckle, Buckles Farm and purchased by Vivers Scotlamb.  

All classes of hoggs were noticeable dearer, with the overall average being 9p/kg up on the week and a keen ringside of buyers could have managed more sheep with ease


Prime Lambs

Price a Head

Beltex: £80, £71.30, £70.80 Buckles Farm; £78.80 Thorney Gale; £71.80 Roseleigh; £71.80 Stoneygarth; £71.30 Breaks Hall

Texel: £73.30 The Old Mistle; £69.80, £66.30 Croglin Low Hall; £69.80 Littlebeck Farm; £69.30 Ghyll Bank; £67.80, £65.30 Greystone House; £66.80 Lady Ing; £66.80, £65.80, £65.30 Briggle Farm; £66.30 Hawkrigg Farm; £65.80 Sawbridge Hall; £65.80, £65.30 Ingledene; £65.80 Wharton Hall; £65.30 Town Foot; £65.30 White House

Suffolk: £64.30 Sawbridge Hall; £60.30 Ghyll Bank; £60 White House

Charollais: £61.30 Hawkrigg Farm

Bluefaced Leicester: £61 Croft House Farm

Mule £60.30 Studfold Farm; £58.30 Bents Farm

Cheviot: £60.30 Wharton Hall

Swaledale: £54.80 Croft House Farm; £54 Town Foot; £53.30 Glebelands

Blackface: £54 Knock Hall

Price a Kilo

Beltex: 199.4p, 195.3p, 190.5p Buckles Farm; 187.6p Thorney Gale; 179.5p Roseleigh; 177.2p Friendship Farm; 171.8p Breaks Hall; 171.1p Ghyll Bank

Texel: 194.2p The Old Mistle; 164.5p Wharton Hall; 161.4p Greystone House; 161p Briggle Farm

Cheviot: 147.1p Wharton Hall

Blackface: 140.3p Knock Hall

Swaledale: 134.6p Knock Hall; 133.3p, 126.5p Glebelands; 130.5p Croft House Farm; 128.6p Town Foot; 127.2p East Rackwood Hill Farm; 126.5p High Stennerskeugh

Mule: 130p Bents Farm; 128.3p Holme Farm; 128p Thorney Gale

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel: £95.50, £78.50, £77.50, £73.50 Staingills; £86.50 Claylands Farm; £70.50 Little Close; £65.50 Elmgill

Bluefaced Leicester: £65.50 Burton Hill

Suffolk: £60 Holme Farm

Masham: £58.50 Staingills

Swaledale:  £50.50, £30 High Stennerskeugh; £39.50 Bents Farm; £30 Carpool Farm