Inadequate cattle for the demand at Colchester

Colchester had an inadequate number of cattle for the demand, although the 115 cattle forward were back to its normal level resulting with a fast trade throughput with all buyers short of requirements. Very few cattle were forward less than 140p/kg and most well over 150p/kg. No cattle were below 111.5p/kg in the market.


Topping the trade was a heavy steer from V P Parris, selling for £1130.30 to M Newman. Medium steers reached £912.53 from W A Ketley and Sons selling to Fowler and Bros., with light steers making £534.84 from H E Crooks with the buyer C Humphreys and Sons.


Heifers topped at £1041.10 from S G Grover and Sons, selling to C J Byford and Son. With the five bulls entered the top price when to A V Tomson selling for £882.05 to H G Blake.


All steers averaged 155.08p/kg, all heifers 150.49p/kg, all bulls 145.98p/kg, all cattle 151.38p/kg.

On the sheep front there was an average entry and a firm trade, although lean lambs were reducing in average in all sections.


Of 417 new season lambs forward top price went to Heathpatch Ltd for £58 a head for a heavy lamb. Total lambs averaged 211.39p/kg, four old season lambs averaged 72.03 and to £48.50 a head. Two mature sheep averaged 42p/kg and to £30.20.


84 ewes saw an excellent selling trade, with an average of £33.25p a head and to £48.50.