Investigation after cattle found ‘starved to death’

An investigation has been launched after more than 20 cattle were found dead on a farm in Northern Ireland.

Vets discovered 22 dead cattle after they were called to the property in County Armargh on Monday (25 January). Two more animals had to be put down.

DARD minister Michelle Gildrenew said it appeared the cattle had starved to death.

“The vets found 18 dead cattle in one building,” she said. “In another house four young cattle were found dead and one animal had to be destroyed.

“The carcasses were emaciated and no feed or water appeared to be available,” she said.

More cattle were found in a field in a poor condition, one of which had to be destroyed, she added.

“This is a dreadful case which obviously involved much suffering by a large number of animals.

“A full investigation will be carried out and all possible help and treatment will be offered to the surviving cattle.

She said no further information would released while the situation was being investigated.

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