Julian Ellis is hoping for a gap in proceedings so he can get married

Despite vaccinating, pneumonia still seems to be troubling us and we’ve now gone back to feeding calves twice a day in the hope it will help.

The cows have finished eating last season’s whole crop and we’ve been impressed with how well it has kept. We are now concerned whether the milk yield will drop as the cows have been milking a lot better than in the autumn.

The reasonable milk yields, combined with the news of a penny more for the milk and a clear TB test has helped soften the blow of current fertiliser prices. Having said this, I still think fertiliser is not expensive but rather it’s been cheap in the past.

We took advantage of a recent dry spell of weather to relieve the pressure on the slurry and dung stores, something we won’t be able to do next year. Like a lot of other dairy farmers we are seriously considering whether to increase storage capacity or reduce stock numbers to help comply with NVZ regulations.

Cabbage demand is fair and the crop has recovered well from the severe frost, we have nearly finished the earliest plantings and there looks like there could be a convenient gap in cutting for me to go on honeymoon.

January has been livened up by my stag night, Sam was pleased to see me back in one piece – complete with eyebrows.

Dad celebrated his birthday this month – we gave him a footstool hoping he would get the hint and put his feet up a bit more. I think the chances of that are pretty slim – just like the chances of me hearing the phone tonight to pick up Sam and some of her friends from the hen night.

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