Key figures voice support for youngstock campaign

Key figures from the farming industry voice their support for Farmers Weekly’s Youngstock: Stop the Loss campaign. Together we can stop the loss.

michelle o“I wish Farmers Weekly and the NYA much success in this initiative. Our industry here in Northern Ireland has long recognised the importance of rearing youngstock in the dairy sector, and in 2008, a joint project was completed, which developed a leaflet for farmers entitled Rearing your 2010 Herd, covering this important issue. I am very happy the NYA is adding impetus to this.” Michelle O’Neill MLA, minister for Agriculture and Rural Development


nick allen

“EBLEX is pleased to support this campaign – the current dip in finished cattle numbers means that it’s of critical importance to ensure that as many calves as possible make it through to finishing. With more than 50% of beef coming from the dairy herd, dairy farmers can benefit the whole supply chain by working to achieve the best possible youngstock survival rate.” Nick Allen, EBLEX sector director


“Each extra calf that reaches productive maturity due to this initiative will be a victory. By supporting and promoting healthy rearing, we can help farmers give calves a good start in life, improve workforce morale, eliminate avoidable losses, and make a valuable addition to overall productivity.” Pfizer Animal Health


jim paice“No farmer wants to see his livestock suffer or die before maturity. This is a really good way of the industry and Farmers Weekly working together to provide the latest advice on animal husbandry.” Jim Paice MP, Agriculture Minister



“Farmers’ incomes over the past 10 years have been at an all time low and in these tough economic times the loss of any animal is a bitter blow. Youngstock are the future of any livestock enterprise and are a vital investment in tomorrow’s farming business. BOCM PAULS actively supports initiatives that improve health, performance and reduce unnecessary losses in youngstock.” BOCM PAULS

ray keatinge

“This is an important campaign because DairyCo-funded research suggests that 14% of live born heifer calves fail to reach first calving. Optimising growth rates during the first six months, through good health and nutritional management, is critical to improving overall life chances. The benefits are improved health and welfare, reduced rearing costs, improved lifetime performance, and reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses for every litre of milk.” Ray Keatinge, DairyCo head of research and development


richard lochhead“Improving and promoting calf health, and reducing morality rates, has both animal welfare and economic benefits. That’s why I welcome this campaign, which ties in well with our commitment to improve animal health, including our programme to eradicate BVD, which can cause pneumonia and death in calves.” Richard Lochhead MSP, Scottish rural affairs secretary


“M&S is delighted to support the ‘Youngstock: Stop the Loss’ campaign. There are many challenges facing livestock farmers, including price volatility, climate change and increasing consumer pressure on welfare and farming systems. It is critical that the whole industry focuses on youngstock management to ensure we have a profitable and sustainable livestock sector now and in the future.” Marks and Spencer


“We are proud to sponsor Farmers Weekly‘s Youngstock: Stop the Loss campaign. Together we are committed to the agricultural industry and drive to improve the built environment.” Tata Steel and Quedron


carl padgett

“The BVA is pleased to support Farmers Weekly’s Youngstock: Stop the Loss campaign. Farmers and vets need to work together on detailed herd health and welfare plans that pay as much attention to youngstock as the rest of the herd. We cannot expect weaned calves to grow healthily without careful attention and management.” Carl Padgett, president of the BVA


alistair mackintosh“British farmers already operate to world-leading animal welfare standards and they are always striving to improve. Any initiative, such as the Youngstock: Stop the Loss campaign, that aims to raise the level of animal care and farm profitability, should be supported.” Alistair Mackintosh, NFU livestock board chairman



“Raising well-grown, healthy calves should be the aim of every livestock farmer. This is a very timely campaign designed to help raise awareness of this costly issue and encourage simple, improved management practices to be introduced by every farmer to help every calf achieve maximum lifetime performance.” Volac


chritianne glossop

“This initiative supports the aspirations of GB Animal Health and Welfare Strategy that ‘prevention is better than cure’ – a strategy actively promoted in Wales. It is clear that increasing the level of understanding of basic husbandry techniques and disease control measures will do much to further this.” Christianne Glossop, Chief veterinary officer for Wales



michael seals“This is an excellent initiative and the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England would want to support any campaign that benefits the health and welfare of farmed livestock.” Michael Seals, chairman of the AHWBE

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